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data protection with Blockchain - Artech Digitial

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the world’s most user social network, Facebook, recently revealed in an interview with Jonathan Zittrain, a professor at Harvard Law School, that he is potentially interested in data protection with Blockchain to secure Facebook users’ information. Data protection with Blockchain secures user information on Facebook Distributed accounting technology, better known as Blockchain, according to Zuckerberg; that this technology functions as a decentralized network without intermediaries, and that this could be convenient for the Facebook platform. The businessman shrewdly referred to the position that developers should adopt to adapt to third party platforms and their management policies; He explained that if they were not able to adapt, then people’s access could be interrupted; they are offered their services. And for Facebook this did not imply a very favorable position. The inclination of this interview was proportional to the positive possibilities that the use of Blockchain on Facebook......

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