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how-to-build-brand-lovemark - Noticias 24 Carabobo

How to build a  brand? it is not an easy task, but it is certainly a very important task that must be put into practice.  Remember that transparency, authenticity and purpose are repetitive for some reason. So, what is essential in a great brand? To make it clearer, backpackers think that a brand is based on just a name, logo or advertising gimmick. A brand is beyond that, it is so important to turn it into an exciting connection with the ideal buyer or customer; and at the same time transform it into a LoveMark, which simply refers to Love for the brand.  When a brand comes to make recognized by ease and even that its name is the replacement of other products and services, we are talking about it has become an immortal symbol. A very close example, in Venezuela the emblematic arepa is an icon of the country;......

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