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JINN from IOTA - Artech Digital

A strong smell of digital blood has spread over the internet after the arrival of JINN from IOTA. David Sostebo and Sergey Ivancheglo are in a fierce legal battle. At least the DCForeCast site has confirmed that after the birth of the trinary processor things in Iota are “interesting”. The dispute between the founders and a disbanded co-founder has been food for thought for social networks, especially Reddit. Threatening chats have been leaked between David Sostebo and Sergey Ivancheglo. In addition, the networks believe that JINN may have run a $20 million exit scam. The star day that had been set aside to welcome JINN as a new son ended in discord. Reddit transcripts of David Sostebo’s alleged post, claim he wrote: JINN is dead. Ivancheglo, who is still identified by his AKA “Come from Beyond,” called his opponent “crazy. The dirty laundry has been washed in public and it......

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