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China Defeats U.S. in Artificial Intelligence - artech digital

Franklin Balboa exhibited a citrine skin tone that made him look ghostly as he walked through Shoemaker Green Park at night. His gaze had the imprint of those who by blood belonged to the lineage of the 13 American colonies. However, a narrative that few ever heard; placed its heraldry in Galicia, in the bow of a coastal ship that left England in 1760 heading for Philadelphia. Nine generations of Balboa watched from the streets of the City of Fraternal Love as Pennsylvania grew. Franklin was born in 1963 and 25 years later; he already had a degree in Computer Security from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences of the UPenn. There is an opaque period in his university record. He is an almost messianic presence in the field of computing. He speaks Mandarin and Cantonese fluently; so many assume that his 10 “invisible” years were spent in China.......

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