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Artech Digital - Medical-Update-Google

Among the factors that reach greater impact on the way we position, are undoubtedly, Google updates, so it is always better to be on the move and keep up to date, so that way, updates such as Google Medical Update do not take us unawares, as at the time came to take the target wich its aimed. Medical Update is an update from Google; it directs its tracking and indexing protocols, in an inconvenient way for some websites with specific content; so if the following descriptions fit with those of your website, take note! In this way, the websites most affected since the implementation of this update, in mid 2018, has been the so-called YMYL pages (Your Money Your Life). These pages are directly related to investments and finances, but they also include information about health. In essence, they are websites in which the user must give very concise personal......

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