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An unimaginable virtual world with Tangle and Blockchain technologies

The Tangle and Blockchain Technologies, known as the technologies of the future; it is important to know that these two technologies are very similar, but with different functions and capabilities; therefore, they are two technologies that together would make the virtual world something unimaginable. The Tangle and Blockchain technologies are being implemented in every field you can imagine; they are increasingly being demanded by the world’s scientists for their incredible capabilities. These technologies can be found today; from home appliances to industrial engineering and energy. Now, let us make it clear that it is each of these technologies: Tangle and Blockchain Technologies What is Tangle? Tangle technology is a network data structure designed to facilitate a series of secure transactions. Like or similar to the Blockchain network; it is a distributed ledger, involving a group of independent operators; it also performs a series of data transfer transactions and reaches a......

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