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¿How Blockchain Influences Digital Marketing?

As we all know technology has changed the whole world, we can say that it has been implemented in almost every area of our daily lives. But the question is,¿How does Blockchain influence digital marketing? The blockchain in digital marketing plays a very important role for digital technology, both tools influence both the work and data, we will explain why. The Blockchain is one of the most popular technologies in the world thanks to its great capabilities; this technology allows the transfer of digital data in a completely secure way thanks to a very sophisticated coding. This technology works in 5 ways: Transaction Block Verification Hash Execution ¿How does Blockchain influence Digital Marketing? Digital Display Advertising Repair While marketers get results from them, there are some serious flaws in online graphic ads. From the advertiser’s perspective, it can be costly and complicated to understand and manage. In addition, inventory is......

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